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We're Powerups Media, A design and marketing company specializing in conversion rate optimization.

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Design Services

You need a website that not only looks great, but does work for you.  We specialize in creating websites that look great, save you time and convert visitors into customers. We make it easy.

Website Design

Building a website with us begins with a thorough planning process. We’ll map out the pages required, plan for custom features and functionality and launch your website at the anticipated time.

Branding & Logo

Your logo and branding material are what make you recognizable to your potential customers.  We’ll create logos, cards, letterheads and more that seperate you from the pack and make you look like the top dog in your industry.

Conversion Strategy

We’ll evaluate your target market and identify how to best interact with them specifically.  Then create the elements on your website that will allow them to do business with you with as little friction in the process as possible.

Marketing Services

Your website is a vital part of growing your business.  Once it’s there and functioning, well implement a specific plan customized to your business to get the right people on your site at the right time.

Media Buying

There is no such thing as a traffic problem on the internet.  There is more traffic than you could ever need. But you need to know where exactly you want to get it from.  We’ll help you determine if Google Ads, Twitter ads, Facebook or even puch notification traffic will work best for your business, then we will put a campaign into action.

Social Media

Everyone knows that you need to be on the social networks to stay in front of your audience.  We’ll create customized posting schedules and come up with creative ideas to keep you top of mind.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is top tier traffic coming to your site for FREE.  It’s extremely effective because the user searching for you has every intent to do business.  We’ll help make sure your website is the one they see when they go searching.

Our Process


We’ll plan extensively for the needs of your website and define what we will accomplish from the beginning.


We’ll create a customized design organizing your photos and written content into an easy to navigate website.


We’ll complete the necessary revisions to refine it until it’s working just right.


We’ll go live with your website, test it with real time traffic and let it do it’s job.

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